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  • We use reflective learning to drive behavioural change and transform people and teams
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  • We offer a scalable, affordable way to develop the emotional intelligence of your managers and leaders
  • We provide a holistic learning environment with the benefits of coaching at a fraction of the price

Welcome to Aptimore

Aptimore’s personalised online management and leadership training platform transforms the landscape of behavioural skills training.

Every organisation needs managers and leaders who know how to get the best from the people around them – and from themselves. In the past, that’s been hard, but with Aptimore it’s easy.

We use reflective learning to create transformational insight and develop behavioural skills like leadership and emotional intelligence. Our adaptive learning technology tailors each training program for each learner – their personality, preferences, experience and aptitudes. Because we’re focused on who they really are, we can tell them what they really need to hear – so they learn what they need to learn.

I found the program extremely beneficial and enjoyed it throughout. I liked how Aptimore’s personalised feedback related back to my profile and was able to suggest further actions I could take.
Mark E.
I really enjoyed the programme and found the scenarios so interesting. It is noticeable that some team members have already changed their behaviour in meetings.
Fred P.
Aptimore has been a real eye-opener for me ... The course has given me new insight and opened up a new chapter in my career.
Paul M.
I have found Aptimore very interesting and very relevant to my role as a manager.
Samantha K.
I have to say I found the Aptimore learner journey - a self-paced, interactive, insightful online process focused on developing deeper emotional intelligence - to be an excellent personal development tool.
Bruce B.
Aptimore helps you to see yourself from the outside, so you can see clearly what you need to focus on. Even after completing a few units, I feel I know myself more and I understand other people better.
Sandra L.
I’ve done quite a bit of self-development training but Aptimore just grabbed my attention as soon as I registered. It’s very interesting, and it’s easy to use and understand.
David C.
One of the advantages of Aptimore is that you can keep any revelations to yourself if you wish, so there’s no concern that you need to give answers that will impress HR.
Eleanor C.
Aptimore is very different from other learning platforms because it reflects ‘you’ back to you, which really makes you think and learn more deeply.
Claire H.
I’ve learned that I must be sure to set up regular one-to-one meetings and keep to them!
Mary Anne M.
I particularly appreciated learning about how to use coaching as a way to develop direct reports’ decision making skills – and how it is different from teaching or telling people what to do.
Minna S.
I’m very task driven and want to get things done, but I’ve realised that I need to slow down and consider the other person’s feelings. I'm going to make a concerted effort to practise these skills every day.
David P.

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What Aptimore covers

Aptimore is an online development platform that teaches people all the essentials of collaboration, management and leadership, with a strong focus on raising emotional intelligence. It’s very different from other types of online platforms: firstly because it’s personalised for each individual, taking into account their personality, preferences, aptitude and level of experience; secondly, because it combines a range of different learning techniques to create an experience that’s less like e-learning and more like being coached. Find out more about what Aptimore covers here.


Developed by business psychologists with lengthy experience of assessing and developing people, Aptimore’s powerful personalisation algorithms ensure that each individual gets the messages they need to hear to develop self-awareness and gain insight into the impact they have on others.


Cloud-based and accessible from any device, Aptimore is convenient and very easy to use. It’s perfect for organisations looking for a scalable yet personalised tool to develop people’s emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Use it for specific individuals or teams, or across the whole organisation.


Aptimore’s engaging and highly interactive content develops learners’ judgment. Each individual’s personal program combines assessment, training, personal feedback and e-coaching; learners emerge knowing exactly what steps they personally need to take to work on their own development areas.

How it works

Aptimore's platform harnesses technology to make personalised training and development easy and affordable for any organisation.

To find out more about how Aptimore works click here.

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Future focused

As they work through their training and feedback, each learner creates a personalised development plan clearly identifying actionable next steps. At the same time, Aptimore’s tracking data and reports provide clear next steps for the learning and development department too, showing where more help is needed


To deepen self-awareness, learners need to be completely honest with themselves, so they need to trust that they know how their data will be used. With Aptimore, learning and development colleagues see useful aggregate data but learners keep control of their own personal information and reports.


Aptimore is perfect for a blended approach, combining online learning with face-to-face training or coaching. Our blended programs are designed to address a wide range of development objectives while our session plans can be used by any experienced trainer or facilitator. For more information, get in touch.

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