Individual Learners

Fast track to leadership

A great deal of leadership is learnable – and Aptimore is designed to teach you all you need to be a great manager and leader, fast. Of course, there are many different ways of being a successful manager or leader. The starting point is to understand yourself. By knowing what works for you, and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to develop a style that works well and feels comfortable for you. Aptimore’s program will raise your self-awareness and teach you how to bring out the best in the people around you.

Personalisation: it's all about you

We’re all unique. No two people have the same fingerprint and no two people have the same personality. When you’re looking for advice, you probably tend to go to someone who understands you. That’s the starting point for Aptimore. The Aptimore program takes into account your personality, preferences, aptitude and your experience of managing others. This means that the advice you get will be tailored to who you are and you’ll spend your time learning what’s most useful to you.

Grow your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the key to building good relationships.  With emotional intelligence, you can read and manage situations that previously would have tripped you up. With that extra insight, you’re able to make good choices when it comes to deciding how to approach and respond to others. People who are skilled in emotional intelligence can change the dynamics of a room, turn a situation around. Investing a little time to build your emotional intelligence will get you a very long way in the world of work.

Certified Continuing Professional Development

If your profession is one where you need to record your Continuing Professional Development hours then you’ll probably enjoy Aptimore. You’ll find that – unlike some kinds of courses that you’ll have come across – the hours that you spend with Aptimore will make a real difference to how you see the world and how you work. You’ll get eight hours of formal certified CPD when you finish your program. In addition, Aptimore uses the 70-20-10 philosophy to ensure that you practise new skills in the workplace, so there’s plenty of opportunity to add informal CPD hours as well.

Empower yourself

Training and development is the key to your future – embracing the opportunities available to you will help you go further and be more successful. Aptimore is designed to empower you to take ownership of your own development. The skills you’ll learn in your program will be applicable throughout your career, wherever you go, whatever you do. The guidance you get will help you perform better in your current role and prepare for whatever you choose to do next.