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New horizons in learning technology

A decade ago, the corporate Learning Management System revolutionised the world of learning and development. Today, another revolution is just beginning, as learning providers begin to take advantage of new technologies to make learning more effective. At Aptimore we’ve gone far beyond the normal digital architecture used in a standard LMS to create a truly enlightening development experience.

Build emotionally intelligent leaders

Is there a silver bullet when it comes to developing good managers and leaders? At Aptimore we think there is. The bigger picture, of course, is that emotional intelligence is what makes the difference.

But where do you start when you’re trying to develop emotional intelligence? Well, the key is self-awareness. Your future leaders need to start by understanding the impact they have on others – and how to manage themselves to optimise the impact they have. Aptimore is focused on helping each individual to do this.

Unlike other learning platforms, Aptimore truly understands that each person is different.

The solution for time-poor learners

Your learners are busy people. They need learning that gets them where they want to go, fast. They don’t want to put in any more time than they really have to. That’s our philosophy at Aptimore – when it comes to time spent on learning, we believe that ‘Less is More’.

Our learning has been designed to ensure that people quickly learn all the important parts of management and leadership.

It’s all been carefully distilled into an eight hour program. At the same time, they’ll learn a great deal about themselves and other people. They’ll be working on a whole range of different skills simultaneously – not a moment wasted.

See Aptimore in action for yourself

The fast way to build your organisation's EQ

How do you build an emotionally intelligent organisation? If your people are spread out geographically, how can you ensure that they get consistent and relevant messages about how to bring out the best in each other?

Aptimore makes it easy.

Our online platform ensures that you’re training and developing each individual’s emotional intelligence according to their specific needs, using a platform that’s instantly scalable to wherever your people are.

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