Management Apprenticeship Standards Mapping

Aptimore can be used by Apprentice Providers who are offering Leadership Apprenticeship courses at Level 3 (Team Leader/Supervisor) and Level 5 (Operations/Departmental Manager).

Aptimore’s learning units address most of the Interpersonal Excellence standards at both of these leadership levels. They develop the Self-Awareness element of the Personal Effectiveness standards as well as aspects of Self-Management.

With their highly personalised and very interactive content, Aptimore’s learning units make a welcome change from standard e-learning modules. They work particularly well in conjunction with one-to-one discussions with an apprentice coach.

Aptimore can be configured so that coaches can see the issues being raised by their coaches as they learn, allowing for a more insightful coaching interaction.

To see how Aptimore’s learning units map onto the Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Standards, please download the pdf document using the ‘Download’ button below.


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