Case Study: CNMplc

Consolidated Nickel Mines plc is a mining company with it’s main operations in Zambia. Simon Purkiss, the company’s CEO, wanted to offer development opportunities to his senior managers, and decided to use Aptimore because of its convenience, high quality content and relevance to different layers of management.

The initial group included Simon and all of his senior team. Simon led the way by completing his training program first, and the rest of the group soon followed his example. The CNMplc senior managers found that Aptimore helped them to communicate and organise themselves in a more structured way.

Once the senior group had completed their programs, the next tier of managers were keen to get the same opportunity. This group of managers decided to organise weekly meetings to share and discuss what they were learning from their Aptimore programs. This approach ensured that the group powered very quickly through their programs and, like the senior team, all of them finished quickly and received their CPD certificates.

Team members reported that they’d gained insights that had transformed their understanding of management and leadership – and of themselves.

Even after completing their programs, some of them continued to check in to Aptimore from time to time, to review their personal reports and revisit useful frameworks and exercises.