Introducing Coach Chat

Aptimore is delighted to introduce another innovation in online learning – Coach Chat.

Throughout their Aptimore journey, learners now have access to support from our Aptimore coaches, via our Coach Chat service. Learners exchange messages with their coach within the Aptimore platform, using their coach as a sounding board to accelerate their learning.

Coach Chat means your learners don’t have to feel they’re learning on their own because there’s an Aptimore coach on hand to support them. Our coaches are experienced business psychologists with the insight to help people on their journey towards self-discovery and skills development.

Why Coach Chat?

One of the unique aspects of Aptimore is the individual feedback that each person receives throughout their learning journey within the platform. This ensures that people can connect personally to what they’re discovering, and reflect deeply on themselves as they progress through their learning program. In essence, Aptimore takes people further round the learning cycle than other online learning. This cycle of ‘get feedback-reflect-respond-choose personal development actions’ is particularly important for the behavioural skills that Aptimore focuses on.

For many people, especially those who are naturally interested in self-development, the process of getting feedback and being encouraged to reflect on it ensures deep learning, and they’re happy to learn on their own. However, others benefit from some additional interaction and support. We’ve introduced Coach Chat to help these learners gain even more insight during this process of self-discovery and skills development.

How Coach Chat Works

Once they’ve started training, learners can exchange messages with their Aptimore coach, either by going to their Messages board or using the Coach Chat widget within their training units. They can ask whatever they like – for instance, they might want help thinking something through or they might ask for suggestions about priorities. Their coach will then message them back with an answer to their question, which will appear on the learner’s personal Messages board. As with all good coaching, the conversation between the coach and learner is confidential.

Why Coach Chat Works

Coach Chat is not just a matter of having someone there to hold your hand and tell you to keep going – although that’s always nice. Actually, it works because the coach can truly guide the learner towards new and interesting insights. By inviting the coach to chat, the learner makes their personal profile, feedback and responses accessible to the coach, who can then help the learner gain deeper self-knowledge. As with most effective coaching, the Aptimore coach aims to get alongside the learner, helping them to explore and discover, asking questions and dropping in nudges and suggestions that will help them advance their understanding and make useful decisions.

Our Coaches

Aptimore’s coaches are experienced business psychologists who are accustomed to giving people feedback and guiding them to understand themselves better. Unlike a ‘live chat’ service, we don’t want our coaches to give an instant response. Instead, we want them to take time to think about the individual needs of each learner. So, our coaches are committed to responding within 24 hours – giving them some time to reflect on the question they’re being asked and think about how best to move the learner forward. It’s a very different experience from face-to-face coaching but, for many people, using Coach Chat to get input from an Aptimore coach will help generate powerful insights.

More about Coach Chat

To find out more about Coach Chat, jump to our website here and let us know what you’re interested in.

Who are we?

Aptimore is a personalised online learning platform that develops a comprehensive range of emotional intelligence, collaboration, management and leadership skills. It can be used flexibly, as a tool for independent learning, blended training, group learning or peer mentoring.

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