How to Build Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Teams


What’s in the Guide:

  • How to improve the emotional intelligence of your remote teams
  • How to ‘open the window’ to build emotional intelligence
  • Topics include Daniel Goleman’s framework, self-awareness, the Johari Window, building skills and knowledge, sharing, coaching, wellbeing and measurement

This guide is for HR, L&D, Talent Professionals and Business Leaders who are thinking about how to raise or nurture the emotional intelligence of their organisations in the post-pandemic world of 2020 and beyond.

Practical suggestions include tips to adapt self-awareness training and soft-skills development to a remote learning environment.

Broader ideas consider how emotional intelligence can be captured in performance reviews, and how to maintain focus on wellbeing, building on the momentum created during the pandemic.

Download our guide for advice on how to raise or nurture the emotional intelligence of your virtual team.

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