Key Skills for SMEs

Key Skills for SME Growth

How well is your organisation doing when it comes to the key skills of Delegation and Developing Others?

To grow successfully, an SME needs its managers to delegate effectively in order to have the ‘bandwidth’ to take on new responsibilities. At the same time, managers need to be engaged in developing the people who report to them so that they, too, are ready to take on more.

This guide will take you through the questions to ask to work out how well you’re doing and where your organisation has room for improvement. It’s free to download and easy to use.

Use this guide as:

  • A tool for self assessment or audit, to check what your organisation is doing well and where it could do better on these key skills of Delegation and Developing Others.
  • A guide for a senior team discussion, to get your top decision makers thinking about what really matters. Try using it at a senior team away day to prompt valuable debate.

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