Beyond the questionnaire...

Looking for a tool to build self-awareness or improve team dynamics? You may be considering Myers Briggs or looking to see what else is out there. Whatever you choose, the questionnaire is only the start – it’s what you do next that makes the difference. People need help to understand how to get the best from themselves and others. A group session will get people thinking, talking and sharing. It’s a great way to develop powerful insight and deepen relationships. We’re delighted to offer you this free guide to help you create a really high-impact group session. It’s perfect for use with Aptimore’s questionnaire, but the dimensions are completely intuitive, so you can use it with whichever profiling tool you choose.

Download our step-by-step guide to running a high-impact group session. In this free-to-download guide, you’ll get:

  • Session plan including exercises to –
    • build self-awareness
    • explore personal impact
    • understand how to optimise team dynamics
  • Ready-to-use workbook for learners

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If you’re considering different profiling questionnaires, you might like to know a little about how they compare. Looking at Aptimore compared with Myers Briggs, there are differences in the theoretical underpinnings (Aptimore is trait based) and also in terms of what’s measured. With Aptimore, learners get to see how they map on seven different scales (Extraversion, Social Confidence, Warmth, Dominance, Organisation, Change and Anxiety). This is a much broader description of personality than Myers Briggs’ four dimensions – it’s more comprehensive and the categories are more intuitive – making Aptimore’s scales both richer and easier for learners to work with.

With most profiling questionnaires, the feedback report is where it ends. For us, it’s just the start of a journey towards better self-awareness and more effective teams. We start with the questionnaire and profile chart, then use personalised feedback to build learners’ skills while they work through interactive training and chat online with a coach. Whatever tool you choose, please feel free to use our session plan to shape your approach, but if you choose Aptimore, you’ll get so much more than just a profile. To find out more, explore our learner journey or get in touch at