Raise emotional intelligence

Raise emotional intelligence and improve team dynamics

Aptimore is a unique tool that develops people’s emotional intelligence in the workplace. Using it with teams will improve team dynamics.

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Our clients tell us that Aptimore has a transformational effect on their emotional intelligence:

“I recognise that I was impatient with others and didn’t understand why they wouldn’t see my point of view straight off. Aptimore has helped me to reconsider how I engage with others. Thinking about my body language and how I approach meetings, reading faces, listening more and interacting in a more positive way has had a really positive impact both in my team and with my other colleagues.”

Manager, The Pensions Regulator

“I had an important meeting in the UK with a new, potentially huge client. Travel was a disaster, flights were unable to land and I had to return to mainland Europe only to be booked on the next flight. My preparation time with my colleague was written off so I had no idea what the clients were going to ask me. I rang my colleague in Dell to explain and ask for advice. He knew about Aptimore too.  He simply said ‘Remember Aptimore. Listen, listen some more – and watch the body language’. I immediately felt calm and able to focus.  It was a very, very good meeting. We quickly moved from numbers to service, passion and culture.”

Manager, Dell EMC Partner Company

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Aptimore is an online learning platform that develops emotional intelligence in the workplace, as well as building a whole range of behavioural skills – like collaboration, management and leadership. It’s unlike any other learning platform because it’s personalised to each individual, as well as being highly interactive.

You can use it as a standalone development tool or as the online element in a blended learning programme, alongside face-to-face training or coaching.

Aptimore makes it easy for you to develop your organisation’s emotional intelligence. Why not see for yourself? To get a free trial, fill in the form above.