Trisha Cochrane

Trisha has been applying psychology in the workplace since 1992.  She has a fundamental belief in the potential of people to continue growing and developing throughout their lives and careers.  This belief is underpinned by evidence coming from the field of neuroscience: that our brains are truly remarkable in their ability to adapt and learn new ways of doing things… contrary to perceived wisdom, it turns out that actually, you can teach the old dog some new tricks.

She uses her skills and experience in the assessment and selection of talent, as well as in developing and coaching managers and leaders.  Trisha has worked in a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors, including FTSE 100 companies and major Government departments.

Trisha has a degree in Psychology from the University of York and a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.  She holds memberships of the British Psychological Society and the Association for Business Psychology and is qualified to use a very wide range of psychometric tests and questionnaires.