Leadership Development Program | Aptimore

Personalised Learning

Aptimore grew out of our background in face-to-face assessment and development. During thousands of assessments and feedback sessions, we’ve given people personal advice about how to become better colleagues, managers or leaders, how to make the most of themselves and improve their relationships with the people they work with.

All the time, we were exercising our judgment, balancing different factors to arrive at the advice that was best for each person. It’s a complex process, because everyone is different, but there were obviously patterns in the advice we were giving. We decided that if we could decipher the patterns, work out the algorithms that underlay our judgment, then we could use technology to help more people to understand themselves and become better colleagues, managers and leaders. So that is what we did – and we now have a system that offers truly personalised training and development at a price that’s accessible for any organisation.

To find out more about how the Aptimore experience works, take a look here.

Who is it for?

Aptimore is suitable for people at all levels – senior leaders, managers of managers, new managers, graduate trainees or anyone who feels they may one day like to move into a management role. The branching that is built into the system ensures that people get the guidance and advice that’s appropriate to their level of experience.

Aptimore is highly suited to businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce: content is based on international best practice, can be completed on any pc or tablet device and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why is Aptimore different?

Personalisation, interactivity and the seamless integration of assessment and development make Aptimore’s platform very different from any other management training and e-learning.

    • Aptimore’s program is more comprehensive, immersive and effective than most face-to-face soft-skills management training yet is more convenient and better value for money.
    • Content design means that learners develop their judgment by making decisions and getting feedback, rather than accumulating facts and being tested for short term memory.
    • Personalisation ensures that the program’s psychologically insightful content is delivered in a safe and digestible way to develop deeper emotional intelligence.
    • Aptimore is ideal as part of a ‘blended’ learning program, combining online and face-to-face training.
    • The high degree of variation and responsiveness in Aptimore’s system has been made possible by using a new approach to e-learning technology.
    • The platform is designed for continuous improvement, to provide an ever better user experience.

Who are we?

Our team of business psychologists and management experts has extensive experience of assessing, developing and training managers and leaders. We work with all kinds of organisations of different sizes, structures, industries and geographic locations.

Our technology partner, Brightminded, has many years of experience in delivering robust software systems to diverse industry sectors. With a background in artificial intelligence programming, the Brightminded team has worked with customers ranging from investment banks to international charities to create innovative software solutions.