We help your people become better leaders through personalised online learning

We’re management psychologists, business and technology experts on a mission to bring truly personalised leadership & management development and training at a price that’s accessible for any organisation.

We have used our extensive background in delivering thousands of face-to-face personal development assessments to build an adaptive learning technology that feels more like coaching and less like e-learning.

What makes Aptimore different?

Aptimore is different from any other e-learning tool or leadership & management development coaching. Here’s why:

  • It’s online but it’s truly personalised to who each learner is and what they really need to know. So, it gets long term results.
  • The training is delivered in a safe and digestible way to develop deeper emotional intelligence skills. The programme is tailored to each individual, based on their personality, level of knowledge and experience.
  • Using Aptimore, learners develop their judgment by making decisions and getting feedback, rather than accumulating facts and being tested for short term memory.
  • Aptimore is ideal as part of a ‘blended’ learning programme, combining our interactive personalised e-learning with person-to-person training or coaching.
  • Aptimore uses a completely new approach to e-learning leadership training which means you can offer your teams highly personalised training that is tailored exactly to their needs.

See Aptimore in action for yourself

See Aptimore in action for yourself

How much does it cost?

It’s our mission to help organisations develop their management skills training so that their people can lead and manage others more effectively, work better and feel happier. 

We know that Aptimore changes people’s understanding of the world and improves lives. We want to be able to help as many people as possible, so we price Aptimore to offer great value to any organisation. 

Whether you’re buying for your own employees or you’re a potential partner interested in selling Aptimore to others, we have a pricing plan to suit you.

Our story...

Aptimore grew out of our background in face-to-face assessment and development. During thousands of assessments and feedback sessions, we’ve given people personal advice about how to become better colleagues, managers or leaders, how to make the most of themselves and improve their relationships with the people they work with.

All the time, we were exercising our judgment, balancing different factors to arrive at the advice that was best for each person. It’s a complex process because everyone is different, but there were obviously patterns in the advice we were giving.

We decided that if we could decipher the patterns, work out the algorithms that underlay our judgment, then we could use technology to help more people to understand themselves and become better colleagues, managers and leaders.