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FAQs about Aptimore

About the training

What is Aptimore?

Aptimore is a groundbreaking platform providing personalised online training and development in the behavioural skills needed in the workplace – including collaboration, management and leadership. It offers a safe way for people to learn about themselves, develop their emotional intelligence, get better at working with others and enhance their overall effectiveness.

Is the training suitable for my organisation?

Probably. Aptimore is suitable for anyone who works in a managerial or leadership role as well as anyone who works within a team in an office environment. The platform is useful for people at all levels of seniority, from graduate trainee to director. Aptimore’s personalisation algorithms ensure that feedback and guidance is tailored to each individual’s level of experience as well as their personality and aptitudes.

Why will it be useful for me?

Aptimore builds skills that can be very hard to learn in other ways, skills that can often make all the difference to someone’s effectiveness at work. For instance, emotional intelligence is critical for good management and leadership but it’s a complex skill set to develop. It involves understanding oneself and others, knowing how people see the world differently and anticipating the impact that different words and actions can have. Aptimore is designed to help with all of that. It also guides learners to decide on the actions to take to keep developing. As they learn, people create a personalised report reflecting the work that they’ve done with Aptimore online. They can use this report to work with a manager, coach or trainer to accelerate their development.

What behavioural skills does it cover?

Aptimore covers most of the behavioural skills that people need to work with others, whether in a managerial or leadership role, or when working as a team member. The training units are described in detail here.

Is Aptimore CPD accredited?

Yes. Aptimore is accredited with the CPD Standards Office as eight hours of CPD. Learners can download a CPD certificate once they have completed the program.

What are the system requirements? Can  the training be completed on an ipad/tablet?

Learners can complete the training on an ipad/tablet or on a p.c. or laptop, but not a mobile phone, as the screen size is too small. Aptimore is not supported on the Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 browsers but later versions of Internet Explorer will work. Detailed technical requirements are set out in our Terms of Use document.

Set Up and Payment

I’m interested in buying Aptimore for my organisation. What should I do next?

Please contact us at sales@aptimore.com or book a free demo to discuss your needs. Aptimore training can be set up very quickly and easily. We will set up an invoicing arrangement and will bill you when new accounts are activated.

I’m an individual not a company. Can I buy Aptimore for my personal use?

Yes of course! You can sign up for one account with our ‘Professional Plan’. Get in touch with us at sales@aptimore.com and we’ll get you set up quickly.

How much does an account cost?

Aptimore is very competitively priced compared with other forms of training and development. There are three tiers of pricing: Professional, Enterprise and Bespoke.

We also have a partnership programme for coaches and training companies.

Can I get a free trial?

If you’re a Learning & Development or HR Professional and would like to take a look, please get in touch to explore the option of a free trial.

What if I change my mind?

An account can be cancelled and a refund issued at any time up to 14 days after purchase, provided the profiling questionnaire has not been completed. To arrange this, please contact us via sales@aptimore.com. Once the profiling questionnaire is complete an account can still be closed, but will not be eligible for a refund.

Getting started

How long does the profiling questionnaire take to complete?

About 20 minutes.

What is the profile questionnaire for?

The profiling questionnaire allows Aptimore to tailor the feedback and guidance to the personality, preferences, aptitude and experience of each individual.

Do you give feedback at the end of the questionnaire?

At the end of the questionnaire, learners can look at a Profile Chart, which gives them some initial feedback. They then see further incremental feedback as they work through the training units.

How many training units do people need to complete?

They can do as many or as few as they like.

How long does each of the training units take to complete?

The training units vary in length. The shortest takes an estimated 10 minutes while the longest takes about 35 minutes. The time also varies with the individual. Some people like to take the shortest route through the training while others like to explore the learning more broadly. You can see the estimated time for each unit by pressing the information buttons on the main Training Menu.

What is in the personal development report?

The personal development report is organised into sections. Each section corresponds to a learning unit, with a heading like ‘Assertiveness’, ‘Showing Empathy’ and ‘Impact and Influence’. Each report section includes (i) personalised feedback (ii) the learner’s reaction to the feedback (iii) actions they have decided to take as next steps (iv) a summary of what they have learned and (v) areas where they might like to learn more. Learners can hide or unhide different areas of the report and print or pdf it as many times as they like. This ensures that they have control of their own data and can decide how much to share with others. This allows them to be honest with themselves, deepening their learning. The length of a printed or pdf’d report varies, depending on how much the learner wishes to share. A full report has around two pages in each section.

Who sees the report?

Aptimore believes that, when it comes developing skills like emotional intelligence, the best learning takes place when learners feel able to be totally honest with themselves, without fear of what others might say or think. So, the development report is confidential to the learner. However, most learners will be happy to share all or part of their report with a supportive manager, mentor, L&D or HR business partner if asked to do so. They can easily pdf a version that they are happy to share with the relevant individual.

Who can I contact for help or technical assistance?

If you need technical help, email Aptimore’s technical experts at support@aptimore.com.

My account

How do I change my account details?

You can keep your account details up to date on your Account page. If you have more complex requirements, email us at support@aptimore.com.

What happens if I forget my login details or password?

If you forget your password, you can ask for a password reset on the log on page. You can then go to your Account page to change the password to something more memorable. If you forget other login details, then please email us at support@aptimore.com.

Do I get a discount for a large number of users?

Yes. Please get in touch at sales@aptimore.com to discuss pricing.

If I sign someone up, what communication will they receive from Aptimore?

As soon as a new user is set up, they will receive an email from Aptimore, welcoming them and explaining that a subscription has been purchased for them to access Aptimore for a year. The email will also give them their username and password, which will allow them to log in, complete their profiling questionnaire and start their program.

What happens if one of my learners leaves the company?

Each user’s program and report are confidential to them. Their program therefore continues to belong to them even if they leave your company. However, if a user has been registered for a program and has not yet completed their profiling questionnaire, please get in touch to see about canceling that account and arranging a credit so that you can add a different user.

What information will I receive about each of my employees?

You will be able to see how far each of your learners has progressed within the program (for instance, who has completed the questionnaire, who has completed each unit and who has completed their personalised development report). You will also be able to see a summary showing how much your employees feel they have learned about the different aspects in each unit, and also showing areas where they would like to learn more.

You can ask your learners to send you copies of their personalised development report, but bear in mind that they can decide how much information they want to share with you. Sometimes they will be happy to share a great deal of information; other times they may not. In any case, even if they have chosen to hide quite a bit of their feedback or responses, the development report is still likely to be a rich source of information for you, allowing you to highlight areas where you can support each person’s development.

How do I close my account?

Email us on support@aptimore.com and we’ll arrange to close it for you.

Privacy and security

What data does Aptimore store?

Aptimore stores technical information (such as IP addresses), information about a learner’s visit (such as page response times) and information provided when on the site ( such as answers to the questionnaire and to the quizzes and activities in the training units). The information is used to provide tailored feedback and learning, and to improve our site. Further detail on the information that we collect can be found in our Privacy Policy.

How can I be sure that my data is secure?

All information is stored on secure servers. Strict procedures and a range of security features are used in order to prevent unauthorized access. Further details on security and data storage are shown in the Privacy Policy, User Terms and Terms of Supply.