Aptimore makes it easy

It can be very difficult for a small or medium-sized organisation to offer people the kind of management and leadership development support that they’d get in a larger organisation. Aptimore solves this problem.

With our online program, your people get a comprehensive, personalised training and development package which includes all the elements they’d get at a leading multinational. They’ll get all the essentials of management and leadership training, with personalised feedback and guidance on the next steps they need to keep developing. It’s rather like having a personal coach. And all this at extremely affordable all-in price with instant set up and roll out.

It couldn’t be easier.

EQ makes the difference

In a small or medium sized organisation, people really matter. In particular, the quality of management and leadership makes a huge difference: the knock on effects of both good and bad leadership can be dramatic.

The key to getting this right is emotional intelligence. Managers and leaders who understand the impact they have on others are much better at bringing out the best in people and keeping them motivated.

Aptimore develops people’s emotional intelligence, so it’s simple for you to grow the people who will lead your organisation to a successful future.

Supporting transitions

As your organisation grows, people need to take on more responsibility. In many SMEs people are promoted into bigger roles before they’re ready, in the hope that they’ll learn on the job. They do the best they can, but without training or support, they often struggle.

Critical transitions come with taking on more people – becoming a team leader for the first time or moving beyond a small team to a large one.

Aptimore prepares and equips your people for these important stages. They’ll get training and guidance that’s individually tailored for their level of experience, so they’ll learn exactly what they need to know to be successful in their new roles.

See for yourself how Aptimore can help you get the best out of your people

Anytime, anywhere

In a fast paced organisation, there’s often no time to send people off on courses. People in business critical roles are needed where they are. Training and development needs to fit around people’s day jobs rather than take them out of the office.

That’s where Aptimore comes in. It’s accessible on any pc or tablet, at any time, and people can pause and come back to it whenever suits them.

It’s also packed full of practical suggestions to help your people apply their learning in the workplace – so it’s not a theoretical exercise but something they’ll start using immediately.

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Easy to enrich

Even with little or no spare budget, you can easily add extra elements to enrich your people’s learning.

For instance, you might arrange for a senior manager to sit down with them during or after their program to find out what they’ve learned and discuss their next steps.

You might organise a regular discussion group, to encourage shared learning or ask people to work in pairs so they can discuss progress and coach each other.

Or, like some of our clients, you can go still further and fully embed the program into the development planning process that you use for your people.

Top Team Development

Finally, if you’re an SME leader who’s looking for a blended program to help to develop your UK-based senior team, then you might like to consider our Top Team Development program. Our high impact approach combines online learning, individual coaching and team coaching to create an intervention that is as inspirational as it is transformative. Get in touch to find out more using the form below.