Emotional Intelligence Training

Learner Journey

We’re all different – and when it comes to training we start from very different places. At Aptimore, we know that the best training and development takes each person’s individuality into account – so each of your learners will get a program that’s tailored specifically for who they are.

The Aptimore learning journey all takes place online, so your learners can fit it around their busy schedules. It’s different from other online learning. It’s a much more personal experience – your learners will often feel as if their program is coaching them. As well as building a whole range of management and leadership skills, they’ll develop all four aspects of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. This is all made possible by Aptimore’s unique approach to personalisation. So what does this mean in practical terms? Follow the arrows below and find out…


On your first visit to Aptimore, we’ll ask your learners to fill in a questionnaire about their personality, preferences and level of experience. The questionnaire is easy to fill in – and they’ll probably enjoy it!

We’ll then be able to create a personal program, packed full of advice and guidance designed specifically for the individual in question.

At this stage, they’ll be able to see a chart (like the one on the right here) which shows how their profile compares with other people’s. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though – they get a great deal more feedback when they’re working through the nineteen training units.

Interactive Training

Next, they’ll see the menu that allows them to choose their training pathway. The units are grouped into four themes – collaboration, emotional intelligence, management and leadership. You can see a description of what each training unit covers here.

The training units contain lots of interactive content, with plenty of images, audio and video. There are theoretical frameworks as well as plenty of case studies – which allow learners to stand in other people’s shoes and see things from their perspective.

Feedback and Reflection

In each training unit, we’ll give each learner personal feedback. Their feedback takes into account their personality and preferences as well as their level of experience and the aptitude they’ve shown in the exercises in the unit.

At this point, they’ll be asked to reflect on their feedback and tell us what they think of it – they might agree with some or all of it, or they might push back. This is an important step – it helps them test and refine their self-image and puts the material they’re learning into personal context. And of course, in pure learning terms, it also helps them connect with the material that they’ve covered in the unit.

Depending on what they tell us, we’ll then help them to decide appropriate ‘next steps’ to keep developing their skills and insight.

Development Report

All of this feeds through into a personal development report, which they can access at any time. They have full control over their report and can decide which parts of it they’d like to share. It works this way so that they can be completely honest with themselves at all stages of the process.

It’s a good idea to encourage your learners to discuss their report with someone they trust – to further validate their findings and set their development priorities. You might ask them to share it with a manager, coach, mentor or HR, either informally or as part of a formal development conversation.

They can also use the report as a prompt or agenda, to remind them to put their chosen development actions into practice.

Coach Chat

Throughout their Aptimore journey, your learners will have access to support from our Aptimore coaches, via our Coach Chat service. Learners exchange messages with their coach within the Aptimore platform, using their coach as a sounding board to accelerate their learning.

Coach Chat means your learners don’t have to feel they’re learning on their own because there’s an Aptimore coach on hand to support them. Our coaches are experienced business psychologists with the insight to help people on their journey towards self-discovery and skills development.

Tracking Progress

You’ll be able to track the progress that your learners are making. The admin dashboard shows you which units have been started and finished – and you’ll also get useful aggregate data on what people felt they’ve learned or would like to learn more about. You can use this to plan future training and development interventions.

To get a better feel for the information that you’ll see, take a look at this short video.


Whatever their starting point, your learners will gain a great deal of insight from their Aptimore program. They’ll know all the essentials of managing and leading others. They’ll also build and refine their self-awareness and understand more about the impact they have on others. This insight is the key to becoming a better team player, manager or leader. They’ll know much more about how to get the most from themselves – and improve their relationships with the people around them.

Of course, even if just one person in a team adjusts their outlook or behaviour, this has knock-on impacts on the rest of the team. So, if your learners apply some of the insight and self-awareness that they gain from Aptimore, they’ll not only be helping themselves but also making a really positive difference to the wider team.

Blended Learning

You might also like to know that we can support you to deliver a blended program using Aptimore. You might like to set up some group training sessions to build on the learning that your people have done online.

The report can also be used as a tool for coaching – with learners completing particular training units as homework.

To make life easier, we’ve created some resources to help you. You’ll see some of these here but we have plenty more, including session plans for blended session, so do get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.


It’s our mission to help organisations develop their people so that they can lead and manage others more effectively, work better and feel happier. We know that Aptimore changes people’s lives and we want to be able to help as many people as possible. So we price Aptimore to offer great value to any organisation. Whether you’re buying for your own employees or you’re a potential partner interesting in selling Aptimore to others, we’re sure you’ll find our pricing interesting. To find out more, please get in touch at sales@aptimore.com.

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